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Supported categories

Atoms and molecules

  • isotopes
  • formula mass
  • percent composition by mass
  • valence
  • percentage of water in hydrates

Fundamentals of stoichiometry

  • Avogadro constant
  • molar mass
  • Avogadro's law
  • gas density

Chemical reactions

  • balancing chemical equations
  • calculating mass of reactants and products
  • calculating volume of reactants and products
  • nonstoichiometric ratio of reactants
  • neutralization reactions
  • reactions of elements with oxygen


  • solubility
  • heating and cooling solutions
  • percentage by mass
  • mixing solutions

Electron configuration

  • electron shells and subshells
  • electron configuration
  • exceptions to Aufbau principle
  • box and arrow diagrams
  • quantum numbers


  • alpha and beta decay
  • decay chain
  • half-life

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